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The most comprehensive, digital guide to animal tracks ever made and it’s only for the iPhone and iPod Touch! In development for nearly 3 years, it’s finally live and on the app store.

The current version has nearly 700 track, sign, and animal photos; 120 precise track drawings; and detailed track descriptions for 67 mammal species. Check it out!

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Dedicated to furthering the application of animal tracking in wildlife research.

  1. BulletAnimal tracking is a valuable skill with many practical applications, including: wildlife research and monitoring, environmental education, ecotourism, hunting, and wildlife viewing. 

  2. BulletWe promote the use of animal tracks in the wildlife research by skilled observers and encourage the certification of trackers in North America through the CyberTracker Certification system.

  3. BulletIf you are interested in learning more, we offer a variety of  classes and presentations on animal track identification.  Please contact us for more information.



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