Jonah’s Masters thesis: Observer Error in Identifying Species Using Indirect Signs: Analysis of a River Otter Track Survey Technique.  Click here for a pdf version: Evans 2006-Observer error identifying indirect signs.pdf

Ciel’s Masters paper: Are We Gathering Reliable Data?  The Need for Measuring Observer Skill in Wildlife Monitoring.  Click here for a pdf version: Wharton 2006-Are we gathering reliable data.pdf

Ciel’s article in the June 2006 Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine on the Tracker Evaluation in East Texas with Texas Parks and Wildlife.  It is available online here: Otter Tracking | June 2006 | TPW magazine

A PowerPoint presentation on our masters work we gave at the International Society of Professional Trackers (ISPT) conference in October, 2006.  It is compressed into a pdf format (~25 mb). ISPT Presentation.pdf

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