Tracker Certification

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    In wildlife research and monitoring, the accuracy of collected data is often dependent on the accuracy of field observers.  When methods to collect field data require advanced skills such as identification of plants, birds, or animal tracks, it is important to know the skill levels of field staff.  The CyberTracker Certification system is the only international standard for evaluating and certifying animal trackers.  It has proven useful for identifying and hiring skilled trackers, evaluating collected data, and as a training tool.  Becoming a certified tracker will increase your credibility and improve your skills.

    The certification process is an intensive field evaluation that emphasizes open, honest dialogue and real learning.  Evaluations require two-days of field examination and participants can achieve different levels of certification based on their performance.  Any tracks or sign encountered may be asked, whether big or small, clear or obscure.  Every question is explained in detail so all participants learn how the field marks for identification.  All skill levels are welcome and all are guaranteed

    To view a list of qualified trackers in North America and a schedule of evaluations nationwide, visit